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A really crazy illusion worthy of a video trick!


Mickael Chatelain

Instantly make the object you want appear in full view!

Imagined in 2016 by Mickael Chatelain, BLINDED is a really crazy illusion worthy of a video trick! You can now present this illusion LIVE, in front of your spectators, a few centimeters from their eyes... BLINDED will bluff all the people who will see it!

Take out of your pocket a blank card, "The Invisibility Card", you say. This card has a huge keyhole cut out in its center, so you can see right through it!
Underneath this keyhole, show your audience that the word "VISIBLE" is inscribed. Apart from this card, you don't need anything else...

Invite your spectator to freely choose a card from your deck.
In one hand you hold the invisibility card and in the other hand the spectator's card.
Slowly place the spectator card behind the invisibility card. Thanks to the keyhole, the spectator's card is VISIBLE, nothing more normal! Explain that this is normal, since the word VISIBLE is written under the keyhole.

Your spectators don't understand where you are going with this, because everything is logical, there is nothing magical at this stage of things. Now remove the card from your spectator, and now show the other side of the invisibility card.
This time your spectator can read under the keyhole the word "INVISIBLE".

Place again your spectator's card behind the invisibility card... and there, in front of your spectator's eyes, his card is now INVISIBLE ! ! Yes, you read it right !
You hold the invisibility card between thumb and forefinger and your spectator sees perfectly through the card thanks to the huge keyhole... No optical illusion or anything else ! The spectator's card is INVISIBLE !

Your viewer is skeptical?
Slowly remove the invisibility card to make the chosen card appear again!

You have to see it to believe it! Repeat again and again this incredible experience and each time, the spectator's card will become INVISIBLE. It is almost impossible to describe this situation, so crazy and magical is this one!

At the end of this experience, give the card back to your spectator so he can examine it at his leisure! It is an ORDINARY card!

- No forcing.
- No manipulation.
- No Black-art.
- Reset immediately.
- Delivered complete, ready to be presented.
- Nothing to hide in your hands or anywhere else.


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