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Dominique Duvivier

Excerpts from "Sources and Commentaries" by Gaëtan Bloom
"We have just seen Dominique's superb routine, a dreadfully diabolical multi-phase routine, with famous "Duvivier's touches", which progressively make everything more and more impossible as the cards are finally examined. .
Here is enough to bring water to your mill without forgetting to oil the gears. Having said that, Dominique has provided you with new "a.m.i.s.". "in this package. Weapons , Magic , Invisible , Secret , Weapons .
These special cards are marvels of ingenuity, and are just waiting to experience new exploits, thanks to your own creations..
This is how life goes, as ideas are transmitted, ideas of desires for better, moreover, of emulsions, always knowing that slowly or not, oil and water will always find their right place, for the pleasure of the impossible.".

The principle of the trick :
Four red cards are shown, and four black cards. The colors are alternated.
Like Oil and Water, the entities mysteriously separate: the red ones gather on one side, the black ones on the other... !
With the magic of your fingers, the colors shuffled ... and separated ... come together ...
With each phase of the trick, this becomes more and more impossible..
The finale is grandiose: you do NOTHING ... and the magic happens. !

If you don't know the principle of Oil and Water ,
you now have a real weapon of mass destruction in your hands with this multi-phase routine..

If you already have your own version
of this great classic of the Magic of the Cards, you will be able to enrich it by integrating one or more of the phases which are proposed to you.

In all cases ,
the completely revolutionary final (no manipulation for this phase!) of incredible sharpness will bring your Oil and Water routine to unsuspected heights !

Strong Points :
- Routine multi-phases.
- A final phase of madness.
- Whether you are a beginner or an already advanced card magician, you will find your account among all the phases and versions offered.
- Detailed description on a video link .
- Cartes spéciales imprimées en Bicycle Rider Back.

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