"Don't explain it, it's too good!" Michael Weber

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by Gaetan Bloom  

A great classic revisited by Gaetan Bloom
Even if you know the previous versions, you will be fooled!
Six brown paper bags are numbered from 1 to 6.
Inside each bag, there is a surprise gift.
A jumbo die is enclosed in a transparent box. The box is held by a spectator. He shakes it as much as he wants.
The bag that corresponds to the number on the top of the die is given to the first spectator.
The process is repeated four more times.
Five different spectators are thus in possession of a bag.
The last bag is for the magician.
Each spectator shows the gift he has received.
There are various trinkets: candies, some toilet paper, a paper napkin, etc...
But in the magician's bag, there are... lots of banknotes!
"Don't explain it, it's too good! Michael Weber  
Strong points:
- Easy to do.
- For parlour and stage, but also for close-up!
- Ideal for emcees.
- The six sides of the die are shown, the numbers from 1 to 6 are clearly visible!
- Guaranteed impact!
- Instant reset.
Comes with:
- The box + the die
- Six brown paper bags
- Online video instructions in English and French


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