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Shawn Farquhar

FISM Grand Prix at the World Magic Championship, Shawn Farquhar demonstrates and explains in detail an effect he has been using in his shows since 2011, when he presented it at the famous FFFF congress in New York.

This trick has been compared to "Slydini Dumplings" for mentalism.
This is the perfect trick for mentalists who want to relax the atmosphere, or for Magicians who want to present a Mentalism effect, or even Masters of Ceremonies who want to spice up an event with audience interaction.

The Magician and a spectator are back-to-back; the spectator freely chooses one of the pages of the book. Without any effort, the Magician recites word for word any sentence, any paragraph, or even the entire page that has been chosen.
Throughout the presentation, the audience understands the trick, which is revealed to the spectator; but at that moment, the Magician will stun the audience by showing them that the trick he thought he understood... absolutely cannot work!

The book used is in English; you can explain to your audience that you love Sherlock Homes, and since you want to pay tribute to him, you use a book in the original version.

Detailed explanations on video link in English.


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