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Canvas (Euros)

Canvas (Euros)

$49.75 $55.28

The ultimate ticket transformation!

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KimTung Lin

The ultimate ticket transformation!

Canvas is one of the most beautiful ticket conversions you've ever seen, and it is the biggest box at FISM 2015, where the tour was sold out from day one...

There are dozens of ticket routines on the market.
This one offers you to transform a 20-euro banknote into a 50-euro banknote and then by shaking it, it instantly turns into a 100-euro banknote.
Yeah, well... A triple billet transformation. Without any complicated handling or impaling. The tickets do all the work for you.

- Extremely visual.
- High-precision manufacturing.
- Very easy to do. - Designed to be seen in high-definition TV conditions.
- Nothing to load, no impaling, no running-in, nothing to get rid of.
- Reset in 3 seconds.
- Explanations for download (in English), including several technical variations and ideas for routines.

"The classic banknote transformation is great, but there's a big problem: Why all these folds? It's not only illogical; the object becomes very small, and most of the banknote is hidden by your fingers, just as Magic is working! In fact, let me correct myself, there is NO magic moment at all. You just fold and unfold the banknote. There is suspense, but the very moment when Magic intervenes is not clear, and it is definitely not visual".
KimTung Lin


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