A revolutionary progressive map color change at sight!

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Eric Chien

A revolutionary progressive map color change at sight!

In the summer of 2018, Eric Chien used his ultra visual routine to wow everyone at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre and won the FISM Grand Prix.
Shocking and incredible are the words used to describe his act. It's a real miracle!

The most amazing effect in this routine is True Colors.
Changing color on a single playing card is a difficult problem that has always been a challenge for magicians; but that was before True Colors!
Some methods used the principle of refraction to achieve the effect - as a slow and gradual change - a few years ago on the market, but the biggest problem was the angle, too limited to achieve this effect.

Eric solved that problem!
Use only one finger. In fact, we can even say that you don't need to hide the card to achieve such an extraordinary effect, a color change in slow motion. It looks like a special effect worthy of the greatest Hollywood studios!

When you see Eric's performance on video for the first time, or even his live show, you might think it's black art, because that's the only possible explanation, and yet you're wrong!

Some people feel that there is no real news in the magic community anymore. But True Colors proves that there is still a long way to go in the magical path.
It's not just a gimmick, but a limitless possibility. We hope it will give you the motivation and courage to change things and unleash your imagination like Eric did.

- A brand new visual effect, a creative way to make color changes in slow motion.
- Easy to master, to use right out of the box.
- Taught by FISM Grand Prix winner Eric Chien.
- The trick can be included in different colour change routines, the only limit is your imagination.
- An online explanatory video in English.


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