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A signed card ends up in an impossible place!

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Jared Manley

A signed card ends up in an impossible place!

Making a map appear in an impossible place is a basic element of magic.

The problem that any magician faces is that if the object is signed, the location cannot be "impossible". But if the location is impossible, then the object cannot be signed.

Here’s a solution: Bolted!

Bolted allows you to take a randomly signed card, make it disappear and without hesitation take out a locked case containing the same signed card.

There are many ways to reveal Bolted, including from a pouch, case, and even your back pocket.

Strong points:

- No forcing.

- No duplicate copies.

- Use business cards and predictions.

- Includes a no-touch routine for beginners.

Bolted contains multiple routines tailored to each skill level.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, perform the routine that suits you best.

This is the ideal way to finish any signed card routine and the best part? You can give it to the exam immediately after, so there is no doubt that the signed card is bolted inside.

Go beyond the bounds of the possible and let your audience face a miracle they can’t explain, with Bolted by Jared Manley.

Online instructions in English.


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