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A miracle that will deceive even your most intelligent spectators. 


Leo Xing

A miracle that will deceive even your most intelligent spectators.

A freely chosen and signed card teleports from the game, in a set of envelopes nested one in the other; while a spectator has kept them all the time!

The effect of:

1- You give your spectator 2 envelopes: a black envelope, inside which is a smaller white envelope. They’re both really empty. The outer envelope even has a window so that everyone can watch them both all the time. Your spectator keeps them from that moment on.

2- The spectator freely chooses any card and sign. The signed card is lost in the game.

3- The hands are TOTALLY empty; you take out the white envelope, and while clearly showing it on both sides, you open it to show that ONE card is now inside: it is the card freely chosen with its signature.

Strong points:

- Gimmick included

- No forcing, any signed card

- No impaling

- Instant reset


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