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A revolutionary close-up accessory to exchange various objects

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Riccardo Berdini

A revolutionary close-up accessory to exchange various objects

Black Door allows you to force what you want in the cleanest way possible. You don’t touch anything. You put a note, a card, a piece of paper... in an envelope and hand it to a spectator. The exchange is done!

You can now achieve all your favorite effects without any effort.

Black Door comes with 2 envelopes (3" x 4.5") and a 90 minute instructional video explaining how to use it and several routines that you can perform with this amazing accessory.

Here are some of the routines explained:

- 50/50 Prediction

- Back Night Routine

- Bill Switch

- Serial Number divination

- Card Force

- Q&A

- Magazine Test

- Lacuna effect

- Mind reading

- Add a number

Black Door opens up a field of possibilities never before explored. It’s the tool that Magicians and Mentalists have always dreamed of!

What they think of it:

"A great tool for your arsenal of methods."


"One of the best concepions I’ve seen. Or I haven’t seen, completely invisible! SO GOOD!"

Daniel Garcia

"Versatile. Clean. Excellent. The next step of envelopes for magic."

Paul Vigil

"A hands-free exchange system? I love it! The only problem you’ll have is deciding which routine to do first!"

Steve Valentine

"These envelopes suck, no one should buy them, let me have them!!"

Diamond Jim Tyler


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