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On the stage is a huge Roman scale. The artist, to whom the helpers bring three cast iron weights of 20 kg each, gives a brief description of the apparatus. He then places a weight on one of the platforms of the scale. To restore the balance, he places another weight on the other plate. The third weight is added to one of those already placed, the heaviest pan is lowered again, and finally all the weights are removed from the pans. A simple demonstration to prove that the scale is working normally. A young assistant enters the scene, a servant pushes a stepladder under one of the scales' plates and helps the assistant to climb onto this plate. The magician then unrolls four strips of cloth that were originally lifted up and attached to the edges of the small upper platform near the scales' flail so as to hide the assistant. The three weights are placed on the other platform for balance, and the stepladder is finally removed. Everything seems normal so far: subject in one platform, weight in the other, and the horizontal scale beam. Pistol shot or magician's signal; the tray containing the weights descends, while the four strips of cloth fall to the ground. The audience disappeared from the tray on which they were standing.

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Plans Grandes Illusions

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