An almost universal gimmick to perform real miracles!


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An almost universal gimmick for make real miscrapers!

Imagine the power of this effect: you show a coin and place it on your viewer's hand.
In a natural way, you pass your hand (with open fingers) over the room...
The piece disappears right in front of the spectator's eyes in one of the most visual moments of his life.
The best part is that your hands can be shown completely empty!

No tricks, no funny moves.
This is truly one of the best investments for those who practice street magic.
The Raven works with many different objects, not just coins.
And in addition to disappearing, you can make an object appear, turn an object into another object, or shrink a coin into a miniature size coin.
Many other effects are possible with banknotes, matchboxes and playing cards.

Instructions in English by Internet link.

- Very pure effect.
- It's a professional effect that's easy to achieve.
- Can be done in short sleeves.
- This is an excellent investment because many other effects become possible when you own the Raven.


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