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But how is that possible?!

First of all, a piece of advice: don't forget to have a spectator identify or sign the play before presenting it. If you make this mistake, your audience will never be able to believe that it is the same play from the beginning to the end of the routine.

Instead, read:
A borrowed and signed piece magically disappears from your hands. But where did it go?
You then take out a round box totally sealed with rubber bands.
Inside the box, a second, smaller one, itself hermetically sealed.
Inside this second box, another small bag, completely sealed.
You ask a spectator to open the little bag and the signed piece comes out!

Impossible, your audience will say! And yet, he'll have to admit it, it is indeed the play at the beginning of the tour. What if magic really exists?

- Very simple to make;
- No change of parts ;
- All the material 'except the part!) is provided and is very light.

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