Put magic directly in the hands of your audience!

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aites of Magic directly into the hands of your spectators!

Simple, clear and beyond anything you can imagine, IMAGINATION COINS will enchant you with its incredible efficiency.

The effect is very simple:
The magician clearly presents four pieces, and a spectator stacks them in his own hand.
The spectator imagines that he is giving the magician a play.
And inexplicably, the piece leaves the spectator's hand and materializes in the magician's hand.
This without the magician approaching or touching anything.

Then the piece reappears in your spectator's hand.

Garrett Thomas' "Imagination Coins" concept is revisited, and updated with lots of special bonuses that will give you even stronger reactions!
As a special guest, magician Eric Jones questions Garrett Thomas about this effect and shares some of his personal thoughts on the magic of "Coin Across" (Journey of Pieces).

As a bonus, receive the effect method that Garrett calls JUMP: four 50-cent coins being trapped by two 1-euro coins instantly disappear and reappear in your hand.

The following are provided:
- The special 50-cent coin,
- The instructional DVD in English.

What they think:

"This is more than a routine of 'Corner Across', it's more than a series of manipulations... it's completely real magic."
Eric Jones

"It's the only coin trick I'll ever do. It's very powerful."
Luke Jermay


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