The ultimate version of the great classic of Street Magic: the Piece Through the Can!


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Peter Eggink

The ultimate version of the great classic of Street Magic: the Cans Through Piece!

The magic happens in the hands of the spectator where a borrowed (and signed if you wish) piece is thrown from a distance to an empty soda can that a spectator holds in his hands ...
The coin is thrown towards the can ...
It will travel through the air and land inside the can !

The spectator hears and feels the arrival of the piece inside the can.
It's a real shock, very magical and perfect for Street Magic - it's the ultimate experience "in your hands"!
Finally, the piece is returned to the spectator.

Arriving empty-handed, the coin is borrowed and ends up in an empty soda can makes it stand out from all the other versions.
It sounds like real magic.

- The arrival of the part is 100% under your control.
- No wire.
- Delivered complete with remote control.
- Use any brand of soda can.
- Perfect for close-up, living room and stage.
- Reset in seconds.
- Very easy to do.
- Feasible at 360 degrees.

CTC Project includes a specially designed electronic gimmick for all standard cans, online instructions in English (you provide your own can).

Article available only on order.
(delivery time 2 to 3 weeks)


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