A new magical concept that takes the classic "object to an impossible location" to new heights!

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Joao Miranda

Joao Miranda is a highly respected creator of magic, having created original illusions for some of the biggest names in magic, including David Copperfield, Lu Chen, Xavier Mortimer and many others.

Timeless uses a new magic concept that takes the classic "object to an impossible location" to new heights.

The effect is so strong that you can end any show with Timeless.

The effect:
A nicely wrapped box is placed on a table before the show begins.
The magician then borrows any small object from the audience (which can be signed in advance) and makes it disappear.
The magician then goes to the table and retrieves the mysterious package.
The package is opened and the spectator removes a red box imprisoned by a golden ribbon, and closed with a bow.
The spectator undoes the knot, removes the lid and finds a beautiful watch inside.
The watch is clearly placed on the palm of the spectator.
Without any suspicious movement
, the magician unscrews the back of the watch: the borrowed object is inside!

Timeless combines everyday objects and modern technology, making the trick 100% automatic and autonomous.

Take a look at these specs:
- Cleverly rigged boxes and hidden electronics do all the work for you.
- You'll be blown away once you see the ingenious method used for the trick!
- The trick works 100% automatically, allowing the spectators to manipulate the boxes and the watch freely.
- The trick can be performed in close-up, in a room or under scenic conditions.
- Because of the clever way the gimmicks are constructed, the trick is very easy to perform.

Timeless is complete and ready to perform.
Several routines and ideas are also included, including a mind-blowing mentality effect.

Instructions in English.

What they think:
I was completely bluffed when I saw how the trick works, I realised that only Joao Miranda could have devised such a clever solution".
Joshua Jay

"A very, very clever idea."

Dani DaOrtiz

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