The mythical book of Mentalism.

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Tony Corinda

The mythical book of Mentalism.

Originally published in booklets, Tony Corinda's work is now a superb book divided into 13 chapters, each of which is a lesson in mentalism in a course designed to guide the reader step by step.

This monumental work of course contains tricks and techniques of mentalism, but also all the underlying psychology, staging, presentation, hype, etc.
In short, it is the most complete work ever written on the subject. In fact, many people think that it is so comprehensive that one only has to assimilate it if one wants to become a professional mentalist.

You will find in this book studies that have never been done in any other book in French, such as those devoted to nailwriting, sound interpretation, lip-reading or the interpretation of pencil movements.

- Book in French,
- 520 pages,
- Size 17 × 24 cm,
- Illustrated.
- Bound.

Chapter One. The nailwriter
The different models - How to use them - What to write about - Special techniques - Tricks using the nailwriter.

Chapter 2. Interpreting pencil movements and sounds; lip-reading; touch and cumberlandism
Recognition of numbers, words and symbols.

Chapter 3: Mnemonics and Mental Systems

Fast mental calculations - Magic squares - The Knight's course - Simultaneous chess games - The perpetual calendar - Mnemonic systems applied to playing cards: the rosaries (Nikola, Si Stebbins, Eight Kings, 14/15) - Divination of a word in a book - Photographic memory.

Chapter 4. Predictions
Pocket binders for cards and small papers - Forcing - The Prediction Box - Envelopes - Compères - Stage and Living Room Effects.

Chapter 5. Headbands
The different models - Techniques - Automatic lathes - Mnemonic systems.

Chapter 6. The small papers
The technique of the torn centre - One-handed variant - Secret exchange techniques - Marks - Tricks.

Chapter 7. Divining a word in a book or magazine

The phone book experience memorized.

Chapter 8. Spiritual effects
The pitch - The creation of atmosphere - The medium on stage - The spiritistic slate - The liberation of the vest - The turntables - The materializations - The spiritistic casts - The psychic phenomena - The Ouija board.

Chapter 9. Card tricks

Introduction to mentalism with cards.

Chapter 10. The transmission of thought between two people
Synthetic systems: the verbal code - typical sequence of a telepathy number - various systems (sound, visual, etc.) - Non-synthetic systems: the pre-established list - the rosary - silent chronometry - positional codes - Routines.

Chapter 11. The clairvoyance
Techniques of clairvoyance - Transmission of information - The clairvoyance on stage - Private consultations - The "cold reading".

Chapter 12. Advertising
Create demand - Business cards - Brochures and flyers - Photos - Stationery - Advertising campaign - Advertising shots.

Chapter 13. The pitch and the presentation

The aspect of the mentalist - The behaviour of the mentalist and his way of expressing himself - The choice of tricks - The presentation: timing, diversion of attention, coordination.


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