Bicycle Supreme Line Red

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Ideal for Card Magic and Cardistry.

Ideal for Card Magic and Cardistry
Red back

These premium games are certainly Bicycle Rider Back cards, but they have been greatly improved for magicians and card players. Here are two major improvements:

Printed on "Crush Stock" paper:
This feature, together with the new thinner paper, gives the cards an exceptional new feel: they are flexible, vivid and will enhance any magical or cardistic performance.

Traditionally cut:
This is a very important feature that facilitates the interlacing of the cards compared to traditional games, allowing ultra-smooth handling with clean shuffles (especially with techniques such as Faro shuffling or one-handed shuffling).

The brand new Bicycle Supreme Line is a dream come true for any magician or cardist!

Highlights :
- Crush the stock.
- Traditionally cut.
- No closing stickers.
- Popular Rider Back.
- 3 specially printed cards supplied: double back; white face / regular back; Falling dot cards.
- Finished air cushion.
- Printed by USPCC.
- Very affordable price!
- Poker format.

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