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A perfect accessory to leave a lasting impression on your audience's mind!

Ideal for starting a ticket or cigarette routine.
You can completely personalize the contents of your wallet (by placing a few notes in it, your real credit card, Vitale card, business card).
A very original way to give your business card!
In short, your audience will remember you for sure!

What do you think of this scenario?
You're going out for a drink with friends. When it's time to settle up, you take your wallet out of your pocket. You open it to look for your credit card (or a bill, etc.) and flames suddenly burst out of the wallet! You then quickly close your wallet to put out the fire. Your friends will have noticed that the flames were real. And yet, the entire contents of your wallet are perfectly intact and you can get your credit card back to pay for the round.

Very easy to use, real leather.


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