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The famous trick of the cut and mended rope... within everyone's reach!

The "Cut and Mended Rope" is one of the great classics of Magic. There are many methods to perform this miracle. We propose two methods that have the merit of being within everyone's reach.

The rope is presented to the public, it can be given for examination. The rope is cut in the middle, the two pieces are joined together by a knot. The Magician wraps the rope around his hand; when he unwinds it, the knot has disappeared, leaving room for a single piece of rope which is immediately given to the examination! Amazing!

Another possibility for restoring the rope: the magician shows the knot and blows on it: the knot then jumps in the air, leaving the rope completely intact!

We provide you with 5 meters of rope, as well as the manual explaining both methods in detail, and abundantly illustrated with numerous photos.

A necessary trick to include in your magic repertoire!

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