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From mental arithmetic to mental math!

You'll prove your sagacity and quick thinking with this totally incredible trick.

You present four sticks with numbers on them in no apparent order. The spectators mix the sticks themselves and place them on the table, creating four rows of four numbers.

In one second, you will be able to guess the result of the addition of all the numbers in the four rows
, while the spectators will need a calculator to verify your prediction!

Inexplicable, fast and surprising prodigy
, your audience will be totally bluffed and will not fail to ask you to repeat this miracle. No problem, you will be able to repeat the experience as many times as you wish. The result will be different every time.

What's the secret behind this little miracle? That's for you to find out.


- Fully automatic, infallible and undetectable method.
- Anything can be given to examine, there's nothing to see.
- Can be repeated as many times as you like.
- You can use all four sticks, but you can also use only three, two, and even one!
- This trick will be a real mystery to your spectators.
- Very easy to do.

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