Magic Kit 2


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Always further, always harder ! ! !

Do you know the series "Magic Kit" ? No?

The concept is simple: with a minimum of accessories, the goal is to deliver real magic pearls, well-kept secrets that will amaze your audience.

On the program, 5 tricks will be offered to you in this kit.

A scarf can mysteriously be transformed into a ball of colour.
Just as mysteriously, you will make this ball levitate through the air!
You will learn how to make a scarf appear, and even a ball out of nowhere!
You'll finally be able to make sweets appear magically, that you can distribute ...

Ideas can be perfectly adapted to a quality magic for children, always fond of surprises, colours and originality!

Strong points
- 5 surprising tricks
- Perfect for children's magic;
- Very simple to perform;
- Clever tricks and full of originality!

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