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All the tricks in this book are based on this challenge: how to produce a magical effect by revealing from the start the secret principle on which the cards were designed?

Those who already own "The Nine Concubines" know the principle of reversibility, and it is this optical phenomenon of double interpretation of the drawing that will be explained to the spectator!

The names of the magicians who have taken up this challenge alone are enough to guarantee the quality of the solutions proposed.

This book is for you whatever your level! U

n dozen very strong effects are 100% automatic, so they are disconcertingly easy to execute.

As for the manipulators, they will be delighted to discover a new potential of Rumba Count as well as flash effects of colour change.

Several routines are applicable in mentalism. You will also learn how to make your own trick cards!

To use 100% of the routines in the book 2 sets of 9 concubines are required.

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