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A magic classic finally at home!
- As you know, the older we get, the harder it is for our bodies to digest milk. » In explaining this highly scientific fact to your audience, you take a very large glass filled to the brim with milk and pour it into a second, visibly smaller one without a drop of liquid spilling over.

- For my part, I find it very difficult today to drink milk without feeling bad. Doesn't it do it to you? » You pour the second glass completely filled into a third even smaller one, always without spilling a drop!

- In fact, I wouldn't want to risk feeling bad during the show, it's better not to take any risks. » You take out a fourth tiny glass and pour all the milk into it without any problem!

- At the same time, as it's full of vitamins, it can't hurt me. » You drink the contents of the last glass.

Strong points

- Fully automatic lathe, all you have to do is concentrate on the presentation.
- All the material is provided, the last glass is fully examinable.
- You can also choose to pour the contents of the last little glass into the very first one that will fill to the brim.

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