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The true secret of stage loads and productions.


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Universal Production
by Laurent Beretta

Enter the very closed circle
of professional secrets of magic.

The true secret of stage loads and productions

The effect:

You are on a large stage, in a lounge, or in a close up setting, surrounded by spectators. The music starts, all eyes are on you.
Suddenly, four large scarves appear gracefully in your hands. They are joined together and spread out in the air until the last second: There is nothing concealed in them.
You reach into the middle of the scarves and then the product or special item of the evening instantly appears in your hands.
This effect can be achieved with or without a partner and has been created primarily for solo performance.

The 5 advantages of this production/appearance system:

1) A quick set-up
2) A secure loading sequence
3) The equipment takes up very little space and is invisible on stage (no box to carry, set up, dismantle...).
4) The loading system has been thought out to create fluid movements and make the moment of the load imperceptible.
5) The effect can be performed surrounded in extreme conditions.
"Can you make a jewelry box appear..."
"Can you make our latest book appear?"
"Can you make a birthday present appear during a dinner at our table?"
"Can you make a bottle of champagne appear?"
"Can you do that with people all around you?"
"Can you set up in front of everyone, we don't have a curtain?"
How many times have you been unable to answer these questions?
How many times have you missed out on a gig because you lacked a professional effect to achieve a spectacular product appearance?

From now on you will answer YES, even to these questions:
"Can you make a computer appear?
- Yes!
Can you make a tennis racket appear?
- Yes!
Can you make a jewelry box appear?
- Yes! "
After more than 20 years of experience performing magic for companies, Laurent Beretta offers you THE system that he still uses today to create product appearances in the most complex circumstances, whether on stage or in close up.
Universal Production is a method of loading and producing objects that adapts to a large number of configurations and objects.
This system allows you to make medium-sized objects appear in a secure, attractive and spectacular way.
This production sequence is foolproof and has been tested for over 20 years at hundreds of corporate events.  What is your investment for this professional effect?

- 4 silk scarves specially prepared to cling to together during the production sequence
- 1 loading scarf specially designed to secure a large number of objects
- 2 scarves to conceal the loading scarf.
- 1 carrying bag specially designed to keep the scarves wrinkle free.
- A 1-year warranty on the material: If a special scarf or the loading scarf becomes defective, we will repair or replace it for a new one for a fee of only €25 (Each special scarf and the loading scarf are handmade.)
     - A demonstration video with a partner.
     - A video explaining the psychology of an invisible load on stage that you can apply to many other loads in your repertoire.
     - The real method of producing scarves. The few seconds preceding the production are made up of a visual scarf appearance used by the great stage magic acts. It was by asking the great bird acts the details of their techniques that Laurent Beretta developed a 100% fluid sequence that has never before been divulged.


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