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Gaëtan Bloom's double DVD box set 

The world of Gaëtan Bloom is opening up just for us! 

Four hours of magic, about twenty tricks, jewels, nuggets. 

Magic to put very quickly in your repertoire. 

So punchy, so cunning, so simple: we're talking about Bloom's brain, of course! 

The TROIS programs from 1996 finally remastered in a double DVD box set: 

Le Fil Indirect: 

Le Réveil 

The Bottle 

Buttons Across the Table 

The 5 Objects 

The Balancing Card 

+ Bonus (Sponge Balls, The Little Figurine, Interview) 

The False Thumb : 

The Scarf That Changes Color 

The Scarf Transformed into a Pheasant 

The Buttons 

The Ears 

The Scarf in the Bun 

The Keychain 

+ Bonus (Small Tips) 

General Magic : 

The Dice 

The Bottle 

The Freer Game 

The serpent of La Corde 


Bicycle Pumps 

New Bonus for DVD Edition 

New Line Fishing Tower 

+ I nterview by A. and D. Duvivier 

Not to be missed under any circumstances! 

To purchase a False Thumb or Invisible Thread, click on the corresponding Related Product below. 


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