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Small excerpt from Dominique Duvivier's blog (www.dominiqueduvivier.com) :

Subtitle of this marvel: 11 coin routines without play

(...) for the pieces (sorry for David. Roth and the ceusses according to who had already dethroned him), we are now at the new " killer killer of death ", at the " best " : he is a Japanese and his name is Ponta the Smith or Ponta the Sick as you prefer !

this guy (Ponta the Smith) is amazing. His touch is almost inhuman. I insist !!!

(...) He's a fan of I-nothing-in-the-mimics. Every once in a while, just an extra piece to make it look like he might need to fake it a little bit, but just a little bit. Otherwise his dexterity does everything else. It's just crazy.

(...) In the DVD he works almost exclusively with Morgan pieces, but of course he can also work with pieces of a more usual format. Anyway the big pieces in his little hands disappear like crazy, as if he had nothing to hide. The content is very rich and can enrich (or destroy, hey hey !) your previous repertoire. He, the BOSS ! !

(...) Otherwise I'm happy to see how we can always go further than we think and I think that if Fred (Kaps) sees him from up there, he's going to love it. I know that he loved everything that is pure and beautiful.

(...) By the way, you must BUY THIS OPUS IMMEDIATELY!

Dominique Duvivier

Extremely visual
No words are pronounced in this DVD, so it's completely accessible in all languages (and for the French, then).

A little tour on YouTube?


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