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The first DVD of the 3 DVD set "Intimist: The Show and the Explanations" is edited alone.

It presents just the show, followed by a conversation with the audience, which will delight your friends; the ideal gift to interest them in Magic at the highest level!

Let's leave the words to the experts:

One recognizes masterpieces by the attention to detail: with Duvivier, one is left speechless before the construction of the numbers which is based on a diabolical choreography naturally linking the times ahead of the audience. A great lesson.

David Stone

Very few magicians can be qualified as "geniuses". Dominique is one of them. But he is also and above all an artist with a big "A".

Boris Wild

Like a rocket, Dominique has long developed his own spirit of Magic... Some of his favorite shows are called "INTIMISTE". All of them are at the cutting edge of Art and a great source of inspiration... It's simply real magic.

Gaëtan Bloom

One of the most creative thinkers and artists in magic.

Paul Gertner

Imagine a man whose purpose in life is to allow others to lose their understanding of the world for a few moments; that man is Dominique Duvivier.

Michael Weber

While Dominique's style may be different from yours, it is the lessons that this close-up show delivers that makes this DVD invaluable to the close-up magician. It is a true revelation of how such a close-up show is structured and performed, even if you have never done this type of show before.

. The acts that have been similarly (but not as thoroughly) described in their structure, details and set-up are the FISM acts of John Cornelius and Paul Gertner.

Sometimes some of the routines tie in with others that were done earlier, which helps to weld the show together as a whole. It also shows how Dominique designed the show so that the different rounds are connected to each other

. His approach to "families of magic effects" gives him a strategy for creating a rich and textured show.

5 out of 5 stars because it shows how to put together a complete close up show, how to organize his equipment consistently and secretly throughout the show, using his briefcase to do his loads, and how to use so many ideas so creatively.

J. C. Sum

What they think about it:

Yes, in the few tricks that I have, my favorites are the printing

the signature deck

and storm under a skull

Then I have the Duvivier portfolio which are great.

The three dvd boxes that I have (intimist 1 and 2 and melting pot) are really an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

I always enjoy watching them over and over again.

As much as I love gimmicks I find that Duvivier's effects allow you to do beautiful things without really feeling like a gimmick in your hands.

I don't consider Duvivier's products as a gimmick.



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