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The first DVD of the 4 DVD set "Intimist 2: Dominique Duvivier Strikes Again" is published alone.

It presents just the show, (+ Bonus) which will delight your friends; the ideal gift to interest them in Magic at the highest level!

Contents :

Act 1 :

To your health !



The Magician's Pocket

Act 2 :

Wooden cups and balls


Act 3 :

Crazy 52


Goshman in detail:

  • Salt shakers
  • Chinese silk
  • Still the salt shakers
  • Chinese mystery
  • How many are left?
  • Zigzag
  • The Lace
  • Hieroglyphic
  • Snacks
  • The glass
  • The Tureen
  • Final
  • Bonus

What he thinks :

Official review

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman

Albert Goshman is one of my heroes in magic. He was one of the first magicians I saw in lecture and by far the most magical. When I heard that Dominique Duvivier was doing a tribute act to Goshman, I had to have him. Of course, "having it" then meant having to see it again. With four DVDs and over seven hours of content, this is no small feat.

The first DVD contains the show. It begins with a trick by Dominic that was quite disconcerting, even if he didn't finish it. It was kind of a joke for magicians, but it was still an effective magic trick. Next, we launch into short video segments of the people who influenced the show. You've probably heard some of these names: Fred Kaps, Ken Brooke, Max Maven, Michael Weber, Ricky Jay, Bro. John Hamman. If you don't know these names, look them up here on MyLovelyAssistant, buy some books and close your web browser $^*@ing until you've done your homework.

The first effect in the series is a one-time shot of Any Drink Called For. A blank deck of cards with the names of alcoholic beverages written on both sides in introduction and exposition. Each side of each card is different. One of them is chosen at random. The liquor named on one side of the card ends up matching the contents of a glass that was in a locked box in full view from the beginning of the show. The liquor on the other side is in a shot glass from the performer's pocket, which was proven to be empty by having one of the assistants remove and replace the key and lock from the box.

What follows is a sequence of cards that defies explanation. It appears that the artist is making no effort. The people helping him find and name the cards selected by the audience members, seemingly without any help from Dominic. Unfortunately, the sequence that follows gives a bit of the method in the first segment. I would have stopped at the "miracle" phase.

Then we move on to the coins with a unique routine of Copper, Silver, Brass followed by a coin to purse and a coin across with a surprise ending.

The second act begins with a long and complex build up to... the production of a small ball from a very large bag. You probably think I'm having fun or making a joke. No, my friend, this was one of the most amazing things about the deck. The little ball is then used in a cutting routine... with a solid cup... which then breaks away to create another cup... which is also solid. It's hard to explain, but it's very cool to watch and extremely deceptive.

Enough of this! I don't want to give it all away. If what I've written so far hasn't whetted your appetite, I guess this DVD isn't for you. For those of you who are interested, there is still 45 minutes of material to see. In fact, most of what's left is Dominque's tribute to Goshman, which begins with a beautiful, heartfelt and very humble introduction.

Dominique Duvivier embodies so many of the things that made Goshman wonderful to watch, but he remains uniquely true to himself and his own talents and personality. The show feels more like a conversation between friends than a performance. The magic happens all around him. We become a part of this magical world, not just a spectator.

The teaching segments are wonderfully detailed. Dominique goes over every little detail. He talks about how to pull out the best of his aids. And most importantly, he explains why he made the decisions he did. He covers everything from technique to prop management to psychology. Don't worry if you don't understand French; the translator is very good at conveying not only ideas, but passion.

Here are several small (minor) errors in my translation. It's not a big deal, but more importantly, I just realized that I made a funny slip of the tongue when I made a translation error...

Indeed, it reads:

"In fact, most of the remaining part is a tribute to Dominique Goshman, which begins with a beautiful, sincere and very humble introduction".

Dominique Goshman! Isn't this proof by the slip of the tongue that the attempt to personalize/impregnate Goshman has succeeded beyond all expectations?

Thanks again Mr. Duvivier :)

I loved this set of DVDs especially your mania for efficiency in the smallest detail. A real professional work. An artist's work! (.)

Bertrand GILLE

When I read the articles about you on the other side of the Atlantic, I didn't think that the Americans appreciated you so much!

When the comparison between you and Mr. Goshman was turned on... it calmed down! We are lucky to have a French goshman gentlemen according to the auteus of the articles !!! Even Bertand Gille made the amalgam (towards the 6th paragraph he writes "dominique Goshman) ! An easy typing error or a trick played by his mind (like a slip of the tongue...)

So there is no doubt (for those who still had some)! You are a great master of magic... (at least in my eyes, but I am not the only one!)

So what is France waiting for, but especially the French magicians, to recognize you as such!

One of your many, see very many, fans,



Yes, in the few tricks that I have, my favorites are the printing

the signature deck

and storm under a skull

Then I have the Duvivier portfolio which are great.

The three dvd boxes that I have (intimist 1 and 2 and melting pot) are really an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

I always enjoy watching them over and over again.

As much as I love gimmicks I find that Duvivier's effects allow you to do beautiful things without really feeling like a gimmick in your hands.

I don't consider Duvivier's products as a gimmick.



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