He nuggets to be realized in an impromptu way or not. To consume without limit!


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Dominique Duvivier

This double DVD box set concludes the triptych started with "Le Grenier est dans mon Coffre" and "Melting Pot". Dominique Duvivier retraces the atmosphere of the sessions between connoisseurs.

He nuggets to be realized in an impromptu way or not. To consume without limit!

12 card and object routines, filmed in public, explained in detail.

« Dominique's love for magic is contagious. " Derek DELGAUDIO
« He blows my head off with something that, no, I've never seen before! " Chad LONG

Sommaire :
DVD 1 :
- Sandwich bluff
- Control of Ace "M
- Fast
- Locator
- The 3 Packet of 7
- Think Sonic.
Bonus :
- Excerpt from Intimiste 3
- Discussion.

DVD 2 :
- Faroleros
- 4 to 4
- Mystery Chest
- Change Session
- Quiet Triumph.
Bonus :
- Discussion.

Super Bonus :

- The 2001 Tickets.

Strong Points :
- Almost 4 hours of magic
- From easy to sophisticated
- Various effects
- Bonus : End of the show "Intimiste 3
- Bilingual DVD French/English

What they think :
Hello dominique duvivier, your dvd out of bounds was frankly incredible especially the super bonus of the 2001 ticket here is or else, see you very soon.
Léo Shu

A little word about the DVD program "Hors Limites". I find it remarkable. Dominique Duvivier was able to create an atmosphere of confidences and the sharing of high-end secrets that magicians love.The effects are really excellent and some of the moves are very innovative. It's all very rich. I think this will really allow magicians who take the trouble to take their art to the next level (or more!). A superb stone in the edifice of Duvivier productions. Super bravo.


Just like its predecessors "Le Grenier est dans mon Coffre" and "Melting Pot", Hors limites offers you much more than a series of tricks, but a real approach to a magic as creative as it is brilliant: the effects are all more impressive one than the other, and somewhere, you find yourself forgetting for a moment that the DvD contains the explanations, so much you enjoy being baffled and becoming a child again in the space of a few moments. To consume without any moderation!
Florian Chapron


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