More than a DVD, a doorway into a moving universe!

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Dominique Duvivier

More than a DVD, a doorway into a moving universe!

How can I introduce you to this new DVD of the now famous series, The Magic of Duvivier? By telling you that you will find new effects? By telling you that you will be happy to discover or rediscover some of the author's classics, revisited by himself? By telling you about the good mood and the communicative complicity that emanates from the set? Yes, we could explain it all to you. But don't you already know it? So let's just take you through a trick of the 16 presented by Dominique Duvivier.

A deck of cards is released and aces are produced in a magical way. The faces of the cards are shown and a card is thought up. Yes, only thought. The deck is finally shuffled. And yet, by spelling out all the letters that make up the name of the thought card, it is found without difficulty. A different card is then chosen and put back into the deck face down as clearly as possible. And yet! And yet the card is found in a second! Since the beginning, the spectators have only seen different cards. The deck is shown face up and face down. And yet! And yet, when the deck is spread out on the carpet, all the cards have turned into jacks of spades!
This is a glimpse of the gold mine you will have at your disposal when you purchase this new addition to the magic series.

All the ingenuity of a professional magician and an outstanding creator at the service of a wonderful goal: to make the public dream. So what are you waiting for?

Strong points :
- Find the good mood and the magic within the Double Fond.
- Shot in direct conditions, in a single take.
- New and classic effects revisited.
- Numerous tips and clarifications thanks to participants' questions.
- As a gift the cards to make "The Fastest Technique in the World".

Contents : 
- My ticket-in-the-pocket routine.
- Production at ace turnaround.
- The thought card spelled out.
- The second card chosen.
- Marie-Christine.
- Sandwich 1.
- Sandwich 2.
- Sandwich 3.
- Two french coins.
- 4 red + 4 black.
- The fastest technique in the world.
- The card in your pocket.
- 4 Aces on 4 packet.
- 4 Aces on 4 packet fast!
- Mind upside down.
- Reverse assembly.

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