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Dominique Duvivier

More than 9h30 of magic!

Boxed set of 5 DVDs: tours, techniques, concepts + the complete show "Pur sucre". Filmed in public

"Beyond the tricks, Dominique tells his story and gives you the reasons for his comments. If you don't like him, you'll hate him. If you like him, you'll love him. This journey into his brain will teach you a lot about the intricacies of his meanderings. What an amazing trilogy with Dominique Duvivier and Alexandra Duvivier as a bonus. The three recordings spaced out in time, but grouped together for a real immersion in his, in their world. He reinvents his language, like his magic, no longer puts tenses to verbs, no longer conjugates, as he applies his most inflated methods in open changes, on sight, where there is nothing to see so when you believe in it, everything becomes possible. But you still have to be him, and that is neither won, nor obvious, nor perhaps desirable. There is ONE Goshman, ONE Slydini, ONE Vernon, one of all these heroes, and only one, who have taught us a lot, by giving themselves up, but by knowing how to remain themselves. Dominique has certainly been on that side. Don't learn to imitate him, but bring to you the secrets, the know-how he shares here. As long as I have known him, Dominique has been constantly evolving, with a bulimia for doing things, and for always producing, that forces admiration. He tells us here, furtively, that this set is like his last lecture, that he wants to move on to something else. To what? I don't know, but I'm not worried. The gentleman has as many resources as he does ideas."

Gaëtan Bloom


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