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The most catchy and fun mentalism trick in years.


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Michel Huot

The most catchy and fun mentalism trick in years.

The effect is simple and strong:
You show two packs of cards with different sock patterns printed on each side. The spectator will choose two socks, and you explain that they will be the two socks of the same pair!

You then turn over the first cards of each deck successively at the same time, to show that each pair is mismatched.
The spectator tells you "Stop" when he or she wants to; you then place the 2 cards on which he or she has stopped you sideways, face down.
You show that for the remaining pairs of cards, the socks are also all mismatched.
When the spectator turns over his two cards, against all odds, they don't match at all: yellow stars on one sock and purple stripes on the other!

You then lift up the bottom of your trousers to reveal that you are wearing exactly the same socks that were chosen!

Climax :
After making a magic pass, you now turn over the first cards of each of the 2 decks as you did previously: each pair of cards now shows a perfectly matching pair of socks!

Included is a bonus effect in which you predict a chosen card on the bottom of the socks you are wearing.

The specially printed socks and cards are of high quality and designed to last for thousands of performances.
Socks comes with everything you need, including socks, specially printed cards, and a beautiful pouch to carry them in.

- Easy to do and takes up virtually no room in the pocket.
- Ideal for wandering magic conditions.
- Video explanations in English by Internet link.

What they think about it:

"Socks" is a fun, interactive routine with a surprise climax they won't forget!
Richard Sanders

"Socks by Michel Huot is great! So clever and simple with a visual and fun finale, this trick will play just as well in a corporate environment as at a casual private party. Michel's performance and explanations made me smile from start to finish. Really great!
Francis Menotti

"Socks is unique and super strong. It's so rare to have something that combines magic, comedy and surprise in such a powerful way for the close-up or parlor magician. I've included it directly into my repertoire!
Marc DeSouza


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