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A trick by Richard Sanders and Michel Huot

A bluffing and entertaining mentalism effect!

The magician shows his jacket and asks a spectator how much he thinks he paid for it.
The spectator gives the price that comes to mind, for example: "96.50 €".

The magician notes the price on a notebook and says: "The truth is that I didn't pay €96.50 for this jacket, I just borrowed it".

The magician then takes off his jacket; you can see that the lock is still attached with the price label on the back of the jacket... On top of it, it says: "" € 96.50 "!

Whatever the announced price is, it can be found on the label hung anywhere on your clothes, according to your wishes: in your jacket, on the back, on the back of your t-shirt (under the jacket), under the collar of the jacket, etc...

We provide you with :
- 1 special anti-theft device
- 2 plastic labels, infinitely reusable (with erasable marker).
- 1 marker.
- An internet link to view 90 minutes of video instructions in English.
- Live and close-up presentations.

Highlights :
- Ideal for close-up or stage.
- Easy to do.
- The gimmick contains everything you need.
- 3 seconds of preparation!
- Easy to prepare.
- Tie it where you want and it's ready.


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