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A Flying Ball of Pure Light!


Thomas Moore

That Flying Ball on stage is not "our grandparents'".
Originally developed in 1998 during a tour of a pop music concert, Orb is the modern version of this great classic: the Flying Ball of Pure Light!

Orb (30 cm in diameter) can be seen on the biggest stages and makes the effect of the Flying Ball even more disappointing.
Thanks to the high power of the internal light source, you are no longer dependent on the complex lighting conditions that highlight the ball (but also the wire!).
This is the most practical Flying Ball to use on your tours.
The internal source creates a soft and uniform light.
The best part is that you can change the color of the light at any time (even during levitation!) using the remote control. There is a choice of 16 colours, plus the ability to gradually scroll through all the colours in a whirl of light. You can also adjust the brightness.

Orb has been tested with all major suspension systems (Abbott's, Okito, Don Wayne, de Matos, d'Hotel); the trick comes with Thomas Moore's trick, designed for magicians on large stages.
You will be able to move the ball higher and further than traditional systems.

The ball is made of ABS plastic, and is therefore resistant to shocks and bumps when you are on the move.
It is stored in a flight-case for safe transportation.
Supplied with charger (110-240 volts), remote control and 200 meters of special wire from Thomas. This wire is half the diameter of any other Stage Flying Ball wire on the market, it is absolutely perfect for this illusion.
Also provided are all the clips, eyelets and other accessories needed to install this illusion in your show.

Orb has been Thomas Moore's secret weapon when performing all over the world for the past 20 years.

Instructions in English.

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