An incredible effect that comes true in the hands of the spectator!

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Henry Evans

An incredible effect that is realized in the hands of the spectator!

The Magician explains that the spirit of his dead grandfather is always at his side, when it comes to helping him as a magician in a mysterious way.
He takes out a deck of cards. The spectator freely chooses a card, shows it to the audience and then puts it back into the deck.

And now it's Grandpa's turn to give him a hand and find the chosen card!
The Wizard takes a drink and turns it over on the table.
He then places a simple pen on the bottom of the glass and gives the deck of cards to the spectator.

He is asked to hand out the cards one by one on the table, face down.
The pace at which it runs is determined solely by the spectator.
At some point, the spirit of the grandfather will manifest itself, and the pen mysteriously falls out of the glass!

The mysterious phenomenon occurs exactly at the moment the card selected by the spectator is placed on the table!

The good news: everything works almost automatically.
The trick requires no skill.
The spectator is free to do whatever he wants - the pen will always fall out of the glass at the right moment.
The pen works automatically - you don't have much to do!
The game is not traded.

You receive the pen, the deck of cards and the video link with Henry Evans' instructions in English.


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