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Sean Yang

This accessory is multi-functional: It is both close-up mats and triptych mirrors.

The velvet covering is elegant, and is ideal for your close-up performances.

Triptych Mirrors:
The whole thing unfolds and forms a triptych.
You can work on your movements by watching all the angles you can't usually see.
The mirrors are of high quality and are safe.

It is easily transportable, weighing only 240 grams, and the size of an A4 sheet (297 x 210 mm) when folded.

What they think:
"What a fantastic idea for those who like to practice anytime, anywhere. A close-up mat AND a mirror to practice on. I always carry mine with me."

Josh Jay

"It has changed my
way of practicing; now I can't move around without having it with me. Reserve two for me, one for home, and one in my briefcase."
Andost (fism champion


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