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For tricks where you need at least one of the cards to be "sticky"!

You need a "sticky" card.

You don't know what product to use.

Mayette Magie Moderne did make especially repositionable double-sided glue pads.

The core of the tablet is transparent.

One of the sides is coated with a permanent glue, which guarantees that the sticker will stay on the card you are interested in.

The other side is coated with a repositionable glue, Post-It type. Any card that is applied against the "sticky" side will adhere to it. and you can take it off without any difficulty, no trace. !

An ultra-practical accessory for the enlightened magician!

We provide you with a refill of 8 glue pellets (8 squares of 1 cm each side).

These pads will allow you to have spare "stickers" for, among other things, the tricks listed in Related Products (see below).


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