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Bicycle case à l'unité.

Bicycle Rider Back Card decks are the most popular cards used by card collectors.
We would often like to have empty cases, either to replace the damaged ones, or for special "do-it-yourself" projects, and for many other things...

We offer 3 types of empty cases for Rider Back Games (Poker format):

Standard Bicycle Case :
These are the current regular Rider Back cards.
Price: 0,50 € per unit

Bicycle Rider Case Old Model :

The visual of the current Bicycle Rider Back games (Bicycle Standard games) has been modified a few years ago.
Price: 0.90 € per unit

Bicycle case by unit :
The Bicycle Seconds sets are originally Standard Bicycle sets, but which, at the time of the quality control during their manufacture, were considered to have defects.
Price: 0.20 € per unit

Empty cases are available in RED and in BLUE.

You can order the empty cases you are interested in by clicking on the Related Product corresponding below.