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A swap of two folded cards in your spectators' hands!


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Jordan Victoria

e swap two folded cards in your spectators' hands!

Looking for a visual effect ready to be presented whenever someone asks you for a trick?
Discover Abra, a permutation of two folded cards that takes place in the hands of your spectators!
An effect designed to be presented anytime!

Every time you say you're a magician someone asks you for a trick? Get Abra out of your wallet!
An interactive and visual effect that takes up no more space than two playing cards...

Imagine, you take a red and a blue card out of your wallet, give one to a spectator and ask him to fold it in four.
You then place the two folded cards in the spectator's hand before removing one of them: the red one is in your hand, the blue one in the spectator's.
Simply by dropping the card on the ground or in your hand, the card changes colour!
The spectator opens his hand: the two cards have transposed and can be completely examined without any exchange!

Abra is a direct effect, simple to realize and using an ingenious method coupled with a well-functioning presentation, allowing you to use the gimmick under the nose of your spectators.
There are no angle restrictions, the card can be shown on both sides before transposition!

Instructions by web link.

Strong points :
- A very visual effect.
- Easy to do: the gimmick does almost everything for you!
- Both cards are examinable at the end.
- Fits in your wallet.
- The gimmick is always ready for use.


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