A typical "Duvivier Magic" trick


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by Dominique Duvivier

A typical "Duvivier Magic" trick

The deck was not manufactured in the normal way: blue-backed cards... in a red case! No faces... but backs instead! Only backs on both sides: one red side, one blue side!

But so as not to "waste" these cards, we could imagine what we could do with an ordinary deck... if one side were faces, and not backs.

We could shuffle the cards face-up, face-down, i.e. red backs and blue backs... and magically separate them!

We could even do the trick again: we would shuffle them face-up, face-down.
Then we could start by creating two “normal” cards... then the rest of the deck.
And what’s more, the reds and the blacks would be separated!

Then we would cut the deck into four packets, and produce the four Aces!
And finally, the cards from the four packets would be ribbon-spread, and we'd have the Spades in order from Ace to King, as well as the Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds!

Detailed video instructions

Strong Points:
- A very visual trick,
- A crazy scenario,
- A succession of striking effects,
- The Bicycle Rider Back cards, including the gimmicks for the trick,
- The cards are reset at the end of the performance


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