Une espèce de "Carte Ambitieuse" nouvelle génération, avec un climax de folie !


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Dominique Duvivier

A new magic weapon !

Imagine for a few moments that you don't know magic. A magician approaches you and shows you four common cards. The ace, two, three and four aces of Diamonds..
This magician places the ace under this small packet and in a very quick magic gesture, brings the ace up to the top. You wish to see the effect again. No problem.

The magician puts the ace back under the deck, performs the secret technique and instantly the card goes up . Seeing that you like it, the magician proposes to prove you the efficiency of the fastest technique in the world by redoing the effect a third time..

You can tell by his clever smile that he is setting up something special for you. Indeed, the ace of Diamonds has just mysteriously turned into an ace of spades. !

But beware, you haven't seen anything yet because by renewing the technique, all cards are changed into four aces! Spades, hearts, clubs, Diamonds. Really four aces !

Impossible? No, because soon this magician will be nobody else but you. !

Strong Points :
Don't miss out on this new marvel by telling yourself that difficult techniques are required. This is not the case. The subtlety of the trick does not come from the technique but from its formidable construction..
The cards are supplied in Bicycle format and can therefore be integrated into your regular deck of cards. .
- Explanations are provided on a DVD.

Pour apprendre le Comptage Elmsley ou la Levée Double , cliquez sur le Produit Lié correspondant ci-dessous.

What they think :
!!!tout simplement magique !!!


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