To perform an ultra-clean prediction experiment.

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Tenyo 2020

Here is the very first round of the 2020 range from Tenyo!

Thanks to this trick, you will be able to perform an ultra-clean prediction experiment:

You place an envelope on the table, which will remain in full view of the audience throughout the trick.

You present a deck of cards, which can be cut by a spectator as many times as he wants.
Then he deals the cards one by one face up on the table, and will stop on a random card, the one he wants.
He really stops when he wants to.

You then take your prediction out of the envelope (which you now show empty): it's a playing card.
You won't believe it, but it's the same card the spectator stopped on!

Ingenious and practical, this first vintage of Tenyo's 2020 season promises great surprises.

Explanations in English.


- Easy to do: The lathe is fully automatic.
- The fake envelope and the special game do all the work for you.


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