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Garrett Thomas

Perform a standing hats routine!
For these are the conditions that we encounter "in real life"!

Stand Up Monte by Garrett Thomas will allow you to perform more than eight transpositions or transformations!

Make your audience dream by talking about games, cheating, scams, scams, crooks and pigeons!

Then add the power of Magic, which will be born in the hands of the spectators themselves, combined with the visual power of the classic Bonneteau effect.

This routine is entirely in your hands and those of the spectators. No table is needed.
The routine is simple to perform. And icing on the cake, the reset is automatic!
Ideal for table to table or walkabout conditions!

The routine has been used professionally by Garrett Thomas for over 15 years, capitalizing on over 15,000 demonstrations!
This routine has been the favorite underground trick of many of today's top professional magicians.

Comes with all the necessary Bicycle cards, and a DVD of explanation in English.


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