How do you win a risky bet every time, though?


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Henry Evans

How do you win a risky bet every time, though?

The Magician makes the spectator choose a card. The card is put back into the deck and the spectator shuffles it.

The magician bets that he can find the card in a maximum of two attempts.
He even bets 10 euros if he does not find the chosen card. He then places a 10 euro note under his foot, in full view of everyone, in a safe place.
He fans the deck and tries once... but it's not the right card!
One more mistake... and the spectator wins the 10 euro note!

The magician tries his luck again, and gets out of the game... a 10 euro bill!
Everyone looks under the Magician's foot, it is now the chosen card that is there instead!
The magician has won his bet!

Instructions are given in video in English.

Euro version.


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