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A superb illusion created in the palm of your hand!


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Tenyo 2020

Here is a superb illusion created in the palm of your hand!

This magical effect is achieved with miniature accessories small enough to fit in your hand, but it produces a surprising impact that will dazzle more than one!

With nothing more than a mini-game of cards and a cleverly rigged frame, you'll be able to show your audience a total impossibility, just inches away from their eyes.
Put it in your pocket, and you'll always be ready to present a miniature illusion show on demand!

The effect:
A spectator chooses a mini-card and puts it back in the mini-game. The cards are put back in the case, which is then covered with a frame.
2- You now pierce the frame in its center with a metal blade!
3- Although the blade has undoubtedly penetrated through the case, the cards remain unharmed! After further examination, only one card of the deck has been pierced: it is none other than the card that was chosen!

All props can be examined by the audience at the end of the tour!

That's easy to do.

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