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When the cheater becomes a magician!

One day, after a few card tricks, a spectator said to me: "Yes, you're cheating anyway".
So I allowed myself to make the following reflection: "I understand your reaction, sir, but you are mistaken. Believe me, if I was cheating, I would have offered you to play with me, I would have won and you would have known nothing about my manipulative skills".
I continued: "Let me try to play the role of the cheat now. Let's forget everything I've just shown you and imagine that I'm inviting you to my poker table".

I would then deal 5 cards to each one: "Let's compare our games if you like". My spectator partner had a little bit of luck and was provided with two pairs. My game was not as good as his.

So, an idea lit up my mind. I would discard a single card and show him the four cards I had left: "You see, my dear sir, if I had been a cheat, surely I would have made a better game than yours. But remember, I am a magician and I will show you what a cheat will never be able to do".

I passed my cards on the table, and in an instant, any of my cards turned into a square of queens!

I left my astonished spectator and, shaking his hand, I allowed myself one last remark: "You see, sir, as the popular saying goes: "To each his own!

- A perfect trick to show off your magician's skills.
- Fully automatic, extremely simple to perform.
- Cards can be shown very clearly on both sides, the trick is very fine and undetectable.

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