A red label appears ON VIEW on the back of a card, and INSTANTLY, it turns yellow: this is the chosen card!


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David Stone presents:


The effect is superb!

Without any false moves, you make it appear ON VIEW a red label on the back of a card. The effect is striking. The label appears gradually, as if it were a hologram.

You flick the card, and the label changes colour instantly it turns yellow!

However, you had previously had a spectator FREELY choose a card, which you had marked by sticking a colored label on it... yellow!
You won't believe it, but the card you now hold in your hand is the spectator's card, which you can give to the exam!

The tour comes with :

- A DVD of explanations: 5 different routines, from simple enough for beginners, to the most advanced for experts. You learn several ways to make the label appear on the back of the card, as well as several ways to make it change color!

- Two gimmicks are supplied with two different label sizes. You will be able to use these gimmicks intensively in the most professional situations!

- The labels have been specially designed with a high-tech material, which gives the labels a completely harmless look, but will allow you to stick/peel them again and again hundreds of times!


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