Without a doubt one of the best magic comedy routines, whatever the age of your audience!

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Martin Lewis, XaPkat and Bond Lee
(Version with Rabbit)

Without a doubt one of the best magic comedy routines, no matter the age of your audience.

A new twist on Martin Lewis' classic, presented by the world's greatest magicians.

The basic tour:
A card is chosen from a deck of cards by a spectator. The magician says that he won't find it by himself because he has a great accessory with him that will do it for him: it is a notepad with a card case drawn on it. It is then that the drawing comes to life and a card comes out of the case: it is the chosen card!
Icing on the cake, you will be able to give as a souvenir the drawing of the card out of the case, and as a bonus if you wish, a dedication as well as the date and time of the miracle!

The novelty:
In this new version, the Magician draws a hat with a rabbit in it. The rabbit draws a card from the hat... but it's not the one chosen!
Anyway, the Wizard turns it into the right one!

- Advanced mechanism,
- Complete routine (in English),
- Easy to do,
- Ideal for all audiences, especially children.

You receive:
- The special notebook,
- Refills for 20 presentations.

Article available only on order.
(delivery time 2 to 3 weeks)


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