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CLOSING Card tricks

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A beautiful routine by Henry Evans.

The ideal trick combining pure magic, humour and total surprise. A must! Tricks where magic is present from beginning to end are quite rare. Henry Evans offers us one of his most beautiful creations.

You approach your audience, card game in hand, imprisoned in his case. Without a word, very slowly, you open the case, take out the deck, blow on your hand, the normal case turns into a small case. How on earth could such a small case hold these cards? Don't neglect this moment of the trick, it conditions everything else and will transport your audience into the enchantment of magic.

What will further destabilize your audience is that you will do a trick with the cards you just took out of the case, proving that they are completely normal. You get them to pick a card. You blow slowly on the deck. You hand the deck to a spectator asking him to find the card. Impossible, the card has vanished into thin air.

Then you look at the small card case that hasn't left the table since the beginning of the round. You ask a spectator to take the case and open it. A card, folded in four, is in it. Exceptional, it is indeed the chosen card!

Strong points
- Totally magical.
- Simple to make, it's all about staging.
- A trick with many twists and turns.
- Wonderful gift from Henry Evans.

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