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An original and surprising mentalism trick that is within everyone's reach, young and old alike!

A card simply thought up by a spectator is found in the blink of an eye.
- No forcing, freely thought map.
- No difficulty at all,
- No preparation,
- Obviously , no accomplices.

Don't hesitate to include this mentalism trick in your repertoire.

Numerous possibilities of presentation; here is an example:

At the restaurant!

You tell your friends about your last outing:

"Last night, I went to a restaurant. In a normal restaurant, a waiter would have set me up at a table while handing me the menu so that I could choose what I wanted. But this restaurant was no ordinary restaurant, but a magician's restaurant. The waiter-magician gave me different menus with different choices. playing cards! So I found myself with different grids with different playing cards on them. I then chose one of the cards and the waiter had no trouble guessing my order, and this without asking me any information! How would you like to repeat the experience with me now?"

Then you hold the grids out to the spectator and ask them to simply think of a card from a deck of 52 cards. The spectator keeps the grids with his card out of your sight and returns all the others to you, which you immediately put away in your pocket.

In spite of these conditions, you can guess the thought card without any difficulty!

You can see another example of presentation of this trick (associated with an Invisible Game) : See the trick Minority Report in Related Products.

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